Company Overview

ABC Medical Customer Care

ABC Medical is one of the nation’s leading medical supply companies, and serves as a one-stop shop with a comprehensive line of medical supplies and service that includes urological, ostomy, incontinence and wound care supplies. The ABC Medical team is the first and only provider of urology supplies in the industry committed to adaptive sports, believing we can and will make a difference not only in our athletic communities, but transfer our knowledge to all our customers and communities who are in need of urology supplies, ostomy supplies, and incontinence supplies and services.

ABC stands for: Adapt. Believe. Compete.

  • Adapt - ABC Medical adapted to the ever changing medical supply industry by investing in our people and systems to provide exceptional service, programs and products despite constant reimbursement pressures and challenges.
  • Believe - ABC Medical operates under the belief that without its customers, ABC Medical does not exist. Each customer is an important member of the ABC Family and deserves our care, compassion and support every day, every conversation and in every package we ship.
  • Compete - ABC Medical will compete endlessly not only in providing exceptional service, but in supporting the community we serve. Our competitive spirit shines through our support of Adaptive Sports and Adaptive Activities throughout the U.S: 

Diversity & Inclusion

At ABC Medical we appreciate and value all the differences that each of our employees, customers, and communities share with us so that we can best understand their perspectives and meet their needs. It is in this diversity where our greatest strength lies, by sharing our varied experiences, cultures, expectations, and thoughts, we are able to develop greater and better solutions to the challenges that we all face on a daily basis.   ABC Medical is committed to building an openness to diversity and strives to be inclusive in all that we do with our employees, customers, and communities.

Our Employees

To support our employees and to create a best-in-class “diverse and inclusive” workplace we are doing the following:

  • Providing education and training to all our Employees about Diversity and Inclusion and the important role that it plays in our business
  • Encouraging our employees to engage with each other about Diversity and Inclusion – including but not limited to awareness and understanding, project team selections, recruitment, selection, and hiring, and many others
  • Increasing the visibility of the importance of Diversity and Inclusion within ABC medical and our communities

We will continue to prioritize implementing best practices around Diversity and Inclusion as we strive to be best-in-class in this area.

Company Summary
ABC Medical
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